Room Doctor Factory Outlet

After 28 1/2 years, we have made “the Shift” … for now.

The Times They Are A-Changin’ as Bob Dylan declared in 1964 (POWERful lyrics).  Indeed they are…always, then and now!  Our store is closed but our Room Doctor Factory Outlet is open!

After scaling back our manufacturing operations in 2015 after a devastating loss of our three building, 30,000 sq.ft. facility, and since many of our customers call us from around the country, seeking out our great furniture, we have decided (or rather been forced to) close our beautiful State College store after 15 years at the current location  🙁 .  The retail landscape is changing quickly so for now, this is the road we are on but first a few words about our journey.

Our first “store” was in a little 11’x18′ (200sqft) free-standing, Hanzel & Grettle style brick shoe box that opened on Aug. 15, 1989 (serendipitously on the 20th anniversary of Woodstock), next to a 150 year old barn (that was the shop, a little cold in the winter and definitely not up to code!).  Then off to Reese Road with our shop and store combined in one 2400 sqft unit in 1991 (400 sqft store), and then a 2nd location on W. College Ave (store only, 950 sqft) in 1993 while doubling the shop size.

Our manufacturing operations were growing rapidly and we were fortunate enough to buy the property we had our shop at in 1997 and built a third building in 2004, increasing our total space to almost 30,000 sqft.   The year before, in 2003, we moved to our 4,000 sqft store on E. College Ave and this was a beautiful home for us for 15 years.

But after losing our manufacturing facility in 2015, a struggle of epic proportions began as we slowly tried to restore our production capabilities.  And unfortunately, just couldn’t maintain both so we were forced to close our store on Feb. 12, 2018 (Abe Lincoln’s birthday).

We are very sad to do this and will sorely miss the opportunity to see and talk to our great customers in person, but this was a necessary step as we focus on rebuilding our manufacturing capacity, since this is the core of what we do.  We are still manufacturing locally and pickups can be made at our State College warehouse located at 3500 E. College Ave. (just bouncing down the road we are).  In addition, we will also be expanding our Room Doctor Factory Outlet for super deals on factory seconds, so stay tuned. Same great 12 Year Warranty, even better pricing!  It is all part of our commitment to offer THE VERY BEST VALUE in American made home furnishings.

The World’s Most Affordable, Solid-wood, Eco-Friendly Furniture

Get Directions to our 3500 E. College Avenue warehouse location


Map showing Room Doctor location

Was on the corner of East College Avenue and Puddintown Road in State College, PA

Old State College Store

1199 E College Ave. (still empty)
State College, PA 16801

Phone: (814) 231-1302

Toll free:  (866) RoomDoc  (766-6362)
Emergency Text:  814-571-7063

New VStore Hours*:

  • Monday -Saturday, 24/7  — Call or email anytime, we are probably working!!
  • Sunday       CLOSED (God thought it was a good idea to rest on the 7th day 🙂 ).

You may still call or email on Sunday, just don’t expect quick replies.

* We hope this is convenient for you!