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Desirable price and ease of shipping makes this solid wood sofa bed is one of our most popular full size futons we make. It delivers to your door in two compact boxes and comes with everything needed for assembly (except a Philips head screwdriver). Solid wood construction leaves it durable for years, and it’s backed by our customary Room Doctor 10-Year warranty. Choose the armrest style that best fits your decor, and you’ll be one step closer to having a fantastic futon sofa bed to relax on!

Adirondack – open design – $159
Grand Teton – mission style – $189
Himalaya – mission, higher/wider armrest – $219
Everest – solid panel design – $289



Full Futon Frame

What’s So Great about This Futon Frame Compared to Others?

This frame is called a KD Futon Frame. KD stands for “knock down”, and that means it can be broken down into the smallest parts possible. It is a kit-style futon frame, so you do the assembly, which typically takes about 45 minutes. This is handy, maybe even essential, for a few reasons. When it ships, it ships in two compact boxes, so getting it inside your space (or even transporting from one location to another) is much easier than if the frame were mostly assembled. “Mostly assembled” items usually require physical help to carry or a larger vehicle to transport, which is not always easy to come by.

The majority of kit-style futon frames are only offered in metal varieties and are typically imported; We love solid wood, so we always favor it over a lightweight imported futon frame (for your health and the longevity of the futon frame). If you don’t mind the assembly, and you prefer the lower cost, this is the frame for you. It is just as substantial as our other full size sofa bed frames, but the compact nature of this full futon appeals to many.

NOTE ABOUT ASSEMBLY: the side arms ship fully assembled, so don’t feel you have to put every stitch of wood in place. The body portion of the futon frame is what requires the majority of the assembly, and with this frame, you’ll be constructing the two main parts (which are the back deck and the seat deck). Once you have those together it’s just a matter of positioning/connecting them together, installing the horizontal bracing, and fitting the seat and back decks into the side arms. It is not as intimidating as it can seem…but if you absolutely hate assembly altogether, check out our super-deck futon frame where the back deck and the seat deck come pre-assembled for a minor up-charge.

Sizes Available

This sofa bed futon frame is ONLY available in Full Size.

This Full Size Futon can be ordered Unfinished (with nothing at all applied to it), OR it can be ordered with a Water Based Stain in Golden Oak Color. Of course, we use a LOW VOC, water-based stain, and the staining process will add some additional time to your order vs. unfinished.

(Any futon mattresses or covers shown in the images are NOT included for this price)

Armrest Styles Available for this Full Futon Frame

*Price Shown in Title is for the Adirondack Style*

Adirondack – open design with no vertical slats (shown in image 3)
Grand Teton – mission style, most common choice (shown here in image 1 + 2)
Himalaya – mission style with a higher and wider armrest than Grand Teton or Adirondack (shown in image 4)
Everest – solid panel design, with a higher and wider armrest than Grand Teton or Adirondack (shown in image 5)

Mattress Considerations

With this frame, you have many options. The only thing we recommend staying away from (if you can help it) is a very thin mattress. It’s hard to tell what’s considered “thin” because the range of what’s available varies so much. Most futon sets sold at Big Box stores come with a 6-7 inch futon mattress. We hear they are very uncomfortable, if not right away, shortly after owning and using it. Our thinnest is an 8-Inch Traditional Style Futon Mattress, and we sell mostly 9-Inch and 10-Inch with this frame.

Review our Traditional Style Futon Mattresses where you’ll find helpful mattress comparisons, plus great deals! Don’t forget to check out the cover selection too!

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 Made in Central PA by a mission-driven, values-focused, health-conscious company.


Product Properties

Assembled Dimensions (length x width x depth)


Recommended Mattress Dimensions (length x width x depth)

Full 54 x 75

Frame Weight Capacity (lbs)


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