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This Organic Cotton and Wool Mattress made by Gold Bond is Outstanding! Gold Bond has teamed up with Nature’s Home Solutions to produce the world’s first all-Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) Mattress that is Free of Allergy-causing Latex Proteins and Non-rubber Particles. With a Generous 3-Inch Latex Core, this Organic Mattress is truly Uplifting!

Twin = $1929
Full = $2149
Queen = $2579
King = $3869



What’s it Made Of? And What It’s Not

This Mattress is made of 100% Organic Cotton, Organic Wool and Natural Rubber Latex (the casing is a 10-ounce Organic Twill Fabric). These pure organic materials are fully certified; That’s to say they have been grown without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, and they have been grown using methods and materials that have a very low impact on the environment. Inside of this well-crafted mattress is a 3-inch Block of Natural Rubber Latex.

What Makes Gold Bond Latex Different? Vytex

Vytex Latex was developed as an alternative material to petroleum-based synthetics and traditional, natural rubber latex. Currently used in consumer and medical products, Vytex is the only Natural Rubber Latex (NRL) where the proteins and non-rubbers have been physically removed from the raw material, leaving little to none of the allergy- and odor-causing proteins of other non-rubbers. Totally sustainable and eco-friendly, Vytex is certified by the Rainforest Alliance and the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC).

Needle-punched Wool Barrier is another feature Gold Bond boasts, and it definitely contributes to a well-constructed mattress. This is a process of adding a grid to the wool to stabilize the fibers in their correct position(s) before stitching occurs. Upon stitching, the grid maintains the overall integrity by keeping the related materials from moving around. This is good for the production of the mattress, but even better for the consumer. Needle-punching adds strength, loft (mattress thickness) and prevents stretching and distorting.

Mattress Vs. Futon

In this particular case, Gold Bond makes no distinction between Futon Mattress or Bed Mattress. It’s the same mattress whether you use it on a platform bed or on a futon frame.

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Need a Frame For Your Mattress?

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Twin, Full, Queen, King

Product Properties

Assembled Dimensions (length x width x depth)

Twin 38 x 75
Full 54 x 75
Queen 60 x 80
King 76 x 80

Recommended Mattress Dimensions (length x width x depth)

Frame Weight Capacity (lbs)


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