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This mission-style futon frame is very popular with those who like a more robust style of armrest. It features a taller AND wider armrest, so it sits higher than our standard mission style futon. The added armrest width comes in quite handy too (for a drink, remote, or any other common items). We find people gravitate towards this one because it has a more substantial, bulkier look and blends very well with other camp and cabin-like decor. Ships easily in two boxes and comes with everything you need to set up your futon in a flash.

Available Sizes

Twin Lounger – $279
Full Lounger – $329
Queen Lounger – $359
Full KD – $329
Full Super-deck – $309
Queen Super-deck – $339
Full Loveseat – $289
Queen Loveseat – $309

Chair size also available!
Converts to a kids bed or adult bed with lounger extension
Chair – $249
Chair Lounger – $279


Full Futon, Twin Futon or Queen Futon

The Nature of Futon Frames

We’ve all had one, or at least handled one along the way. You wouldn’t think much about a futon unless you’ve had to choose one or use one. Turns out there are many details regarding futons…cost, comfort, ease of shipping or pickup, how to operate one, what kind is best, etc., etc…We’re here to help simplify your options.

The majority of futons are made and sold in a full size that will open up into a full size bed for sleep and double as a couch as needed (although they do come in other sizes). There are three things needed for a futon setup, regardless of size or style: the frame itself, the mattress that goes on the frame, and the cover that goes over the mattress. Here we’ll give you some insight into the frames.

How to Decide on a FUTON FRAME…Size then Style

It all boils down to size and style. The size depends on how much sleeping space you want the futon to provide. They run just like bed sizes. A Twin Futon will open up to be the equivalent of a Twin Size Bed (sleeping space being 38 x 75 Inches). A Full Size will open to be a sleeping space of 54 x 75 Inches, and a Queen Size to open up to be 60 x 80 Inches. The frame will exceed these dimensions by how wide or narrow the Armrest style is. So, once you know the size you like or want, you can focus on your style.

Shown here is the HIMALAYA style. This mission style futon is built to look and feel heartier (even bulkier) than some futons do, and the taller/ wider armrest seems to appeal to those who rely on a substantial armrest regularly. The slats provide an opportunity to show off the wood’s grain and create a barrier to keep your pillows in place. The armrest is 24.25-Inches high.

*Price Shown in Title is for the Twin Lounger*

Frames Available with the HIMALAYA ARMREST

Twin Lounger includes adjustable footrest
Full Lounger – trifold design decreases footprint
Queen Lounger – provides optimal sleeping space
Full KD – compact packaging makes for easy transport
Full Super-deck – opens and closes from the front
Queen Super-deck – same length as a queen bed
Full Loveseat – perfect for tight spaces
Queen Loveseat – great addition for extra seating
Chair – coordinates easily with other pieces

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Adirondack – open design with no vertical slats
Grand Teton – mission style, most common choice
Everest – solid panel design, with a higher and wider armrest than Grand Teton or Adirondack

As a leading futon expert, Room Doctor manufactures futon frames and platform beds locally in Central Pennsylvania out of sustain-ably sourced Southern Yellow Pine. We absolutely LOVE solid wood and its natural ability to be chemical free, strong and beautiful. We have been manufacturing unfinished futons in unique sizes and style for over 25 years.


Product Properties

Assembled Dimensions (length x width x depth)

Armrest height is 24.25-Inches

Recommended Mattress Dimensions (length x width x depth)

See individual listings

Frame Weight Capacity (lbs)



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