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Looking for a Mattress with No Chemicals and No Fire Retardants? You found it! This mattress is made from Clean Green Cotton, Unprocessed and Untreated, that is then encased in a Natural Wool Barrier. While serving as a Chemical-Free Fire Retardant and a Natural Dust Mite Repellent, the Wool also moderates your body temperature in both warm and cool conditions. This natural mattress definitely delivers comfort and a sense of well-being at a very affordable price.

Twin = $1169
Full = $1639
Queen = $1739
King = $2549



This outstanding Mattress is made of 100% Pure Organic Cotton that is encased in a Natural Wool Barrier. While serving as a Chemical-Free Fire Retardant and a Natural Dust Mite Repellent, the Wool helps to moderates your body temperature in both warm and cool conditions. This Organic Favorite hits the target for many: US Organic Cotton, No Chemicals, Eco-friendly Processes, and a 100% Organic Cotton Twill Casing.

What’s it Made Of? And What It’s Not

USDA Certified Organic Cotton and Wool. This mattress uses only Organic Cotton (no poly pad fillers, unidentifiable materials, or “cotton-like” substances). This Organic Cotton is unprocessed and grown in the USA without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. Naturally Pure and Clean, this mattress has no toxic properties at all!

Fire Retardants, Chemicals and How to Avoid Them

White Lotus has done us all a great favor by making their mattresses in the way that they do. It’s pretty simple. Safety requirements mandate that most commercially made mattresses be treated with a fire retardant. The friendliest of those retardants is Boric Acid. White Lotus has found a way to give you a natural and affordable alternative to the use of chemical retardants, and that alternative is Wool. They use New Zealand virgin lamb’s wool that has been washed with mild detergent only-No Chemicals Added. The Wool is All Natural, but cannot be certified as US organic because the sheep are not raised in the US. BUT, we still benefit because Wool is rightfully recognized as an effective Fire Barrier, so it can be used in place of a Chemical Based Fire Retardant (without violating any mandates).

Other Options to Consider

We carry mostly the Dreamton Style, and the term Dreamton simply means that the organic cotton is wrapped in wool, so no chemical fire retardant is used (this is what you are viewing now)

You can get any White Lotus mattress in a Boulder Style, and the term Boulder means that it has more materials and almost double the stitching and tufting, which by default makes the mattress very taught and very firm with little give.

If wool is not a desirable material for you, you might consider an All Green Cotton Mattress that can be made With or Without a Fire Retardant (and without the use of wool). You may also want to review the All Organic Cotton Mattress (no retardant/no wool).

If you like the essence of these mattresses, but think you’d like one with the addition of an Eco-friendly Foam Core, that’s available too!

White Lotus has been Hand-making Mattresses in the US since 1981

Green Cotton Vs. Organic Cotton

Green Cotton is not certified Organic Cotton. Green Cotton is Eco-friendly CLEAN (chemical-free) cotton that serves as a non-toxic and affordable alternative to the 100% Organic Options. White Lotus has structured their business and their manufacturing processes around reducing the use of chemicals while conserving and revering our natural resources, and we think they’ve done an outstanding job!

Click here to see the Green Cotton version of this mattress

Mattress Vs. Futon

Sometimes these terms can be loosely interchangeable, but Not with White Lotus products. Mattresses are for Beds, are sold at a baseline 6” Thick (although they can be custom made to be up to 9” thick with an altered price), and have 4 handles sewn onto the side panels for easy moving and flipping. Futons are for Futon Frames, have no side panels or handles, and are sold at a standard 5” Thick (5” thickness is the maximum for futons because they need to be able to bend for the futon frame). Outer Covering is made from 100% Cotton Twill.

Click here to see the Futon version of this mattress

Need a Bed Frame?

Put your All-Natural Mattress on a Toxin-Free Solid Oak Platform Bed Frame. And for another alternative at a lower price, check out our Pine Platform Beds. Both are Chemical Free, All Natural Solid Wood and are Proudly Made in the USA!


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Twin, Full, Queen, King

Product Properties

Assembled Dimensions (length x width x depth)

Twin 38 x 75
Twin XL 38 x 80
Full 54 x 75
Full XL 54 x 80
Queen 60 x 80
King 76 x 80
Please NOTE: because there are no boxed edges on a handmade White Lotus Mattress, especially Boulder Style, the mattress can run an inch or two less than these stated sizes

Recommended Mattress Dimensions (length x width x depth)


Frame Weight Capacity (lbs)



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