Who We Are

Room Doctor was founded by Tom Meade, a Penn State Mechanical Engineering graduate, in 1989 with the idea of producing low-cost, solid-wood furniture to maximize people’s living spaces (initially building loft beds for Penn State students) and has been providing one of the best values in furniture in the country ever since because of their unique synergies.  As a designer and manufacturer, wholesale distributor and retailer/etailer  with daily nationwide distribution, the focus is always on maintaining low prices for their dedicated and loyal customers – whether wholesale, retail or contract.  No sales reps, no commissions and no middlemen so the savings get passed directly to you.

 And today, after 26 years of development, we feel we can lay claim to “THE Most Affordable, Solid-wood, Eco-friendly Furniture in America.”   Our extensive lineup is unmatched in terms of cost, durability and sustainability since Southern Yellow Pine, the hardest and strongest of the “soft woods”, is our nations’ most abundant, sustainably-harvested wood source - which we use to produce our innovative lines of futon frames, platform beds, bunk & loft beds, bookshelves, chests, dressers, underbed storage and other coordinating pieces.

Why Buy From RoomDoctor?

 But that is just the beginning!  The real goal is to not only help our customers find unique, affordable, space-saving solutions to their everyday living-space blues problem, but, true to our name, to provide products that support a healthy home with good, environmental stewardship (low toxins or chemical-free).  In addition, we feel it is moral imperative for all business owners to support local/domestic manufacturers vs. oursourcing all of our jobs to low-wage, overseas labor that ships back sometimes very toxic products, not to mention the environmental toll.     

 In summary, we believe that environmental and social responsibility are essential to creating strong, resilient and vibrant communities and we have created a business that is focused on these ideals.  A vision for how to achieve this at the community level, via the creation of a “Sustainable Community Day,” on the 22nd of each month, wad laid out in 2009.  See www.SustainableCommunityDay.org  for more info.

 Our Promise to Our Customers

To Provide High-Quality, Solid-Wood Furniture at the Lowest Possible Cost that is Easy to Assemble and Use, Backed by a Dedicated Team Working Together to Provide a Hassle-Free, Enjoyable Experience for Our Customers.

 Our Promise to Our Employees

We Build People First…then Furniture!

 Our Promise to Our Community

Our Focus is to help Unite People & Businesses that believe they can Make a Difference.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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