August 15, 2019 – 30th Anniversary Update

Welcome to our Mission!

There is A Better Way

“A better way to do what?” you say – 
A Better Way to Live, to Work, to Play. 
A Better Way of Living.

“But you only make furniture and sell futons and mattresses”?
“So at first it appears”….said Yoda.

But our REAL Mission is to Inspire the World to A Better Way of Living. And to begin the process, start right where you live. One Room at a Time.

Simpler, Healthier, Stronger, Better, Cheaper.

Simple, yet Innovative Designs Built to last a lifetime, create local jobs, protect the environment, keep homes healthy AND save you money. That is what we do, what we have done from the beginning.

And 30 years is a long, Long, LOONNGG Time! 3 decades in fact, which if I do the math properly, takes us all the way back to 1989, August 15 to be exact. And serendipitously as it was, this was THE 20th Anniversary of Woodstock, another small idea that became a really big deal, with a similar ideal:  that there was A Better Way that the world should be living.  Less war, more peace; make love, not enemies – good stuff like that.

So on that day, Aug. 15, 1989, in a 150+ year old barn  in the Village of Lemont at the foot of Mt. Nittany in Happy Valley,  a Penn State mechanical engineer quit his day job to pursue an idea. And The Room Doctor began making house calls! 

So while you were sleeping, working, learning, laughing, playing  or even just being born over the last 30 years,  we have been tirelessly and painstakingly doing ONE thing: Designing and Manufacturing what we feel is the very best,  and most affordable, solid-wood, American-made furniture  you will find anywhere….in the world.

We hope that you like what we do. We feel that it is important.  The world has problems. We have solutions. We hope that you will support our Mission….

Live Simply Be The Change Make an Impact

To Inspire Others to Live A Better Way.