Room Doctor Factory Outlet

After 28 1/2 years, we made “the Shift” … for now.

The Times They Are A-Changin’ as Bob Dylan declared in 1964 (POWERful lyrics if you are so interested).  Indeed they are…always, then and now!  Over 5000 retail stores closed in 2018 and 5000 more for the first half of 2019.  And so after 28 ½ years of having a State College store, our pride and joy, we too were forced to close ours Feb. 12, 2018 on Abe Lincoln’s birthday (212 for you 212 fans out there).

We were very sad to do this and will sorely miss the opportunity to see and talk to our great customers in person, and we really miss our great employees who worked so hard for so long, but this was an unavoidable step as we focus on rebuilding our manufacturing capacity, since this is at the core of what we do – “Designing and manufacturing THE Most Affordable, Solid-wood, American-made Furniture”

But after an epic, multi-year struggle after losing our 3 building facility in 2015, we have been able to painstakingly resume production, one machine and one product at at time, to offer almost all of our original product line and our quality is better than ever.   And you can visit us at our new location, 3500 E. College Ave., by appointment as well to pick up orders placed over the phone.  We have always considered ourselves a factory outlet – no middle-man, buy direct – so now it is official!

2019 is a big year for us and our 30th Anniversary was on Aug. 15 (synchronicitaly on the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock, imagine that), so we would like to say….Thank You!  From the bottom of our hearts to the tops of our souls, thank YOU very much to our tens of thousands over customers that have bought our products as we have grown and transitioned!!  So whether you have purchased before or are just a browser, thank you for visiting today and we hope you like what we do.

Because what we do, we feel, is important. Very important for our future – healthy homes, healthy furniture, sustainable production, American manufacturing jobs, etc.  And without our customers to support us all of these years, and especially over the last 4 years, we would not have survived. So it has meant everything to us.  But the mission has just begun!  Remember, “It’s about more than Furniture, it’s about the Way you Choose to Live!”

So Choose Wisely!

More on our “Why?” & “The Way” coming soon!  Stay tuned. You’ll like it!!

The Most Affordable, Solid-wood, American-made, Eco-Friendly Furniture

Get Directions to our 3500 E. College Avenue warehouse location

Map showing Room Doctor location

Was on the corner of East College Avenue and Puddintown Road in State College, PA

Old State College Store

1199 E College Ave. (still empty)
State College, PA 16801

Phone: (814) 231-1302

Toll free:  (866) RoomDoc  (766-6362)
Emergency Text:  814-571-7063

New VStore Hours*:

  • Monday -Saturday, 24/7  — Call or email anytime, we are probably working!!
  • Sunday       CLOSED (God thought it was a good idea to rest on the 7th day and enjoy the Sun 🙂 , and that’s why we call it Sunday! ).

You may still call or email on Sunday, just don’t expect quick replies.

* We hope this is convenient for you!