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Not many futon frames are sold in a Queen Size. Whether you need a Full or a Queen futon, this frame offers solid wood, solid construction and very little assembly. It also ships easily in two boxes, and delivers right to your door. Almost everything is pre-assembled for you, so you just have to connect the pieces. It doesn’t get any easier than this. And, it can hold up to 750 Lbs! It is built to last and has accompanying sizes and styles to create a chemical free room setting that is comfortable, durable and affordable.

Adirondack – open design – Full $249/ Queen $279
Grand Teton – mission style – Full $279/ Queen $309
Himalaya – mission, higher/wider – Full $309/ Queen $339
Everest – solid panel design – Full $399/ Queen $429


Full or Queen Futon Frame

What’s So Great about This Futon Frame Compared to Others?

This frame is called a Super-Deck Futon Frame for a reason. It is designed and built to be used heavily and repeatedly. Very often futon frames are sought out for some occasional extra sleeping/seating or for temporary conditions. Whether it be for a den, a dorm, a camp or cabin, it needs to hold up to the wear and tear. This full futon sofa bed has a few advantages over other ones.

It is built to ship mostly assembled, so that means very little assembly is required of you…it is actually more connecting than constructing. We build the seat deck and the back deck for you and ship them in their put together form. Assembly takes hardly anytime at all because all of the major pieces are already as whole as they can get. The side arm rests are fully constructed as well, so you just need to line up the pieces and fasten them together. Everything you need is included. SUPER simple.

For those who enjoy less assembly and high usage, this is the way to go! In comparison to our KD futon frame, each seat deck is framed, and the supporting vertical slats are glued and screwed inside that edge framework. That process makes this futon extremely durable and solid. The super-deck futons can be used heavily, and can support repeated weight of up to 750 Lbs. Plus, it’s one of the few sturdy futon frames that are solid wood AND come in a Queen Size! It can handle high traffic areas and everyday sleeping as needed. Did we mention it is SUPER easy to convert from bed to couch too? It is. It’s the only “front converting” frame out there, which means you never have to go behind it to open or close it.

For added functionality, we’ve made our futon loungers, loveseats and chairs with this same type of pre-assembled deck construction so you can create a complete room setting that is sure to handle the pressures of everyday use.

Sizes Available

This sofa bed futon frame is available in Full Size and Queen Size

This full futon or queen futon can be ordered Unfinished (with nothing at all applied to it), OR it can be ordered with a Water Based Stain in Golden Oak Color. Of course, we use a LOW VOC, water-based stain, and the staining process will add some additional time to your order vs. unfinished.

(Any futon mattresses or covers shown in the images are NOT included for this price)

Armrest Styles Available for this Full Futon Frame

*Price Shown in Title is for the Adirondack Style in Full Size*

Adirondack – open design with no vertical slats  (shown in image 2)
Grand Teton – mission style, most common choice (not shown here)
Himalaya – mission style with a higher and wider armrest than Grand Teton or Adirondack (shown in image 3)
Everest – solid panel design, with a higher and wider armrest than Grand Teton or Nittany (shown in image 1 + 4)

Mattress Considerations

The mattress you choose for this frame will depend on how you intend to use it. If you expect repeated sleeping for a long period, we recommend an innerspring futon mattress or a pressurized foam type of futon mattress known for their daily comfort and supportive resilience. If you expect a high replacement rate, like at a camp or rental property, something that is comfortable at a moderate expense such as a 9-Inch or 10-Inch traditional futon mattress would be advised. We even have organic options and green cotton futon mattresses that are very durable and firm if you prefer natural materials in your sleep space. Don’t forget to check out the cover selection too!

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 Made in Central PA by a mission-driven, values-focused, health-conscious company.



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