Why Choose Southern Yellow Pine?

If you are looking for an affordable, eco-friendly and chemical-free alternative to imported furniture, look no further. Our line-up is 100% American made from sustainably managed US Forests. In fact, Southern Yellow Pine is our nations most abundant and sustainably harvested wood resource and has been an integral part of American history, from shipbuilding to flooring, since Revolutionary times. Quite simply there is no other furniture line that offers such “sustainable” value.

Southern Yellow Pine is a clean, renewable, non-toxic, recyclable, bio-degradable & energy-efficient building material.  It grows fast and is literally farmed like any other food supply. Millions of acres of forest replanted in the South East US – every year!

It’s Organic!  Forests are the lifeblood of our planet.  Healthy and growing trees absorb carbon dioxide, release pure oxygen, and store carbon.  Since everything must be made from something and most other furniture materials, like steel and plastics, are ecologically toxic friendly in addition to consuming non-renewable resources (iron ore, oil, other chemicals). 

It’s Renewable!  SYPine is the most sustainably renewed species of tree in the world!  

It is renewed at a greater rate than it is harvested.  While about 4 million tree seedlings are planted every day in the U.S., nearly half of these are Southern Yellow Pine babies!  That’s over 700 million seedlings planted every year in the US – that’s a whole lotta pine!  

It’s Non-toxic!  In its natural form, unfinished, it does not release any toxic gases or fumes into the atmosphere. It’s completely clean and chemical-free.

It’s Recyclable!  It can be re-used and re-worked and put into different shapes and sizes over and over. It can be cut, re-glued, shaped, carved, distressed – You name it.  

It’s Bio-degradable!  It will decompose on its own and return to the Earth’s cycle to add nutrients and life to the soil.  So you can just bury our furniture when you are done using it.

It’s Energy Efficient!  Compared to other manufactured materials such as steel, aluminum, and plastics, turning a tree into sawn lumber requires far less energy with lower CO2 emissions/pollution.  In addition, SYPine has unique “energy capacity” properties that make it the #1 choice for building the next generation of homes pioneered by Enertia® – homes using a “natural architecture”  that literally heat and cool themselves, just like the earth!  

It’s the Ultimate Eco-Friendly material!  No doubt about it, nothing compares to fast-growing, Southern Yellow Pine that is sustainably harvested and manufactured in the USA when compared to other materials to maintain the health of our environment.  

And let’s not forget that Pine smells good…and tastes great! 

Just kidding 😉  Smells Great & Looks Great!  Plain and simple, it’s just Plain Beautiful!!

The World’s Most Affordable, Eco-Friendly Furniture!