What is Room Doctor Furniture Co. all About?

Put simply, we are the alternative. While everyone has been jumping on the furniture train to buy and sell imported furniture from around the world, we have been rowing upstream and bush-whacking through “The Jungle” to do something a little different.

Our focus has always been about Simplicity and Affordability and our manufacturing tagline since 1991 has been “The Difference is in The Design”. The fusion of Design, Function and most importantly Value. But, the times they have been a changin’ and we are now a whole lot more than that! Yes, we do design and manufacture our own distinct line of furniture – “THE Most Affordable, Solid-wood, Eco-friendly Furniture in America”. And yes, we do sell natural and organic bedding to support our healthy living mission. And of course, we buy from and support other family-owned American manufacturers as much as we can - since the ability to produce is what made our country great. And of course, we believe in environmental responsibility and our hope and dream is to one day be one of the very first bio-dynamically integrated manufacturers in the world, where every output is an input for something else leading to true energy independence and high-value ancillary products.

But we also believe in the principles our country was founded upon — Thrift, Hard Work, Honesty and Charity along with a Visionary purpose, and that it is up to businesses to take on the big issue of our day, to lead the way…to A Better Way to ensure a better future for our children. Which then explains our Mission Statement: Promoting Positive Change through Sustainable Business. The big question should always be: WHAT are we doing for the NEXT Generation? Every “Enterprise” should have a moral and ethical responsibility to support the common good for their community, and this is best reflected in not just what is sold, but why. Not how something is made, but for what purpose? Our focus is thus to provide the very best overall value you will find - affordable and healthy home furnishings that are functional, durable and sustainably produced by American hands whenever possible. As Ghandi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” And at Room Doctor, we believe that “The Biggest Room in the World IS the Room for Change!” Starting with the Room you are in!

Live Simply * Be the Change * Make an Impact

Why should YOU buy from Room Doctor?

The same reason and same criteria you should use for ALL of your purchasing decisions, which boils down to THREE Big Questions: Does the company have what I want to buy at a fair/good price? Does the company’s Vision/Mission/purpose support a better future for our children? And most importantly, WHO owns the company? Who am I supporting with my hard earned Taxed-Enough-Already income? Is it employee owned or controlled by Wall St. and the big Banks? Is it privately held or part of the Global Corporatocracy?

Elections will not “Change” our future for the better, history is the proof of that. Yet “We the People” have far more power than we think and EVERY day really is “Election Day” – a day where you get to vote! Not with a ballot, but with the almighty (for now) US Dollar. Vote with authority, intelligence and conviction.

And so we hope we DO get your vote. And our campaign promise to you is 100% customer satisfaction with a great product backed by a friendly, supportive and knowledgeable support team.

What is the benefit of buying directly from the manufacturer?

Oh, let me count the ways but the simplest analogy is "Why buy your food directly from the farmer or the person who is growing it?' The cost savings, the mutual benefit, the long-term value, the energy savings and emission reductions are just a few of the many reasons to "know your producer!". Factory outlets used to be an American phenom....until most of the factories closed. But it is The Way of the Future. What was, will be again.

How can you sell solid wood furniture much lower than other retailers?

Our prices are lower because we design and manufacture most of the products that we sell. No middle man - Buy Direct and Save!

Purchases & Payments

What payment methods do you accept?

The Room Doctor Furniture Company accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, personal checks, cashier's checks or money orders, and in most instances you may choose to pay with PayPal. Our Customer Care Representatives will be standing by for your order during normal business hours. Call us. We're ready to serve you!

New: For our customers who are able to drive to our retail location in State College, PA we're now offering financing courtesy of American General. If you live in Pennsylvania or are planning on visiting the State College area, you can fill out American General's online form before your visit.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are unable to visit our State College retail store in person, during our normal business hours, you are ineligible for this special financing offer through American General. Final approval must be made in person, and you must present valid, government-issued photo identification (ie: driver's license) or your application will be rejected.

When will you bill my credit card?

If you are ordering in person at the retail store, your card will be charged at the time of sale.

If you are ordering from our Online Store, your credit card will be billed after you submit your shipping details and credit card information securely from within the shopping cart.

If you prefer to complete the sale by phone, the credit card payment for your order can be securely and conveniently processsed over the phone. Even if you are ordering online and have already opened a shopping cart in our Online Store, you may still call us to complete the transaction and pay by phone. Simply call 866-766-6362 during normal business hours and you can place your order and/or complete your payment.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

The Room Doctor Furniture Company is headquartered in State College, PA. This means that all Room Doctor sales coming from within Pennsylvania are subject to a 6% sales tax rate. However, if you live outside the state of Pennsylvania your order will not incur the PA state sales tax OR sales tax for your own state.

I'm ready to order, what do I do now?

Ordering is simple and there are two ways to do it. You can always call our Customer Care Representatives toll-free at 866-766-6362 and place your order by phone. For your convenience, you may also order from our Online Store. Not all items shown on are available for immediate purchase in the Online Store, though we are adding new items to the Online Store continuously. Most of the eco-friendly furniture we build IS available for online purchase. If you see something on the site that you want but it is NOT available in the Online Store, please call us directly for assistance: 866-766-6362

Product & Policy Questions

Do you share my private data with anyone else?

Absolutely NOT, but thanks for asking. You value your privacy, and so do we. We will never, ever sell, lease, trade or give your private data to anyone else. Period!

Do your products come with a warranty?

But of course! Our warranty is that we GUARANTEE Your Satisfaction! We stand behind everything we sell, and especially behind everything we make. With a 12 Year Warranty on all of the products that we manufacture, you can be rest assured that your furniture is built to last. For all other products sold by, but not manufactured by Room Doctor, the manufacturer’s warranty applies but it is still backed by our commitment to your satisfaction.

What makes Room Doctor's unfinished furniture eco-friendly, anyway?

Room Doctor uses Premium Southern Yellow Pine to build our high quality furnishings, which is a highly sustainable material grown right here in the United States. Also, no chemicals are used to treat our unfinished furniture, unlike almost most ALL Chinese furniture currently flooding the U.S. market.

Can you send me a catalog?

Because the Room Doctor Web site is our catalog, there are no print catalogs. This allows us to reduce unnecessary cost and paper waste, and we pass those cost savings along to you!

Do you custom make any of your furniture?

Yes we do, for a reasonable additional cost. Some common requests for custom work include varied sizes in bookshelves and shelving, X-tra long sizes on our platform beds, extended or chopped down leg lengths for platform beds, and the installation of caster wheels on our platform beds. If you have questions about custom work, please call 866-766-6362 for assistance.

Are any of your products back-ordered?

Although most of our products are built to order is a quick and timely fashion it is possible that, from time to time, some items are in a back-order status. However, if the items you want are temporarily out of stock we will notify you via e-mail. We'll tell you when we expect the item to be back in stock, and provide you with the option of canceling your order if we expect a long delay. Generally, delays are not extended and your item will be ready to ship quickly.

Do your frames and futons come with a futon cover?

Only if you order them. Futon covers are available.

Do mattresses come with mattress pads?

Only if you order them. Mattress pads are available.

Is your Southern Yellow Pine unfinished furniture ready to be stained?

Yes it is. We have two different staining options at the present time: Golden Oak and Linseed Oil. Staining costs extra, but prices are reasonable. Please call us about staining requests: 866-766-6362.

Which Kind of Futon is better: All Cotton or Foam Core?

Despite what most people think, the difference between these two futons is NOT a quality issue, but rather a usage issue.

If you are going to be using your futon as a couch that folds into a (“bi-fold”) couch the foam helps the futon to keep it's shape, maintain a straight line across the back and sit up straight. The foam gives it good posture.

If you're going to use your futon on an “A-Frame” or a “tri-fold” frame then an All Cotton futon will work better because it will fold more flexibly.

If you're going to be using your futon as a bed only then it is up to you. A Foam Core futon will be a little more resilient, a bit more bouncy and tends to wear a bit more evenly. All Cotton futons will definitely be firmer.

How do I take care of my futon?

Flipping your futon regularly (once a week is recommended), keeping it on a slatted surface so that air can circulate through it and airing it out every once in a while are the keys to futon longevity.

How long should my Futon Last?

Depending on how well you treat your futon and how firm you like your sleeping surface, it should last you between 5-15 years, 10 being about average. Futons get firmer with time, so if you like a really firm sleeping surface, then you'll probably hold on to your futon for a good long time and may even think it gets better with age.


How Does Zone Shipping Work?

Products that cannot be drop-shipped via FEDEX must be shipped on a freight pallet instead. They are usually large products like bunks and lofts. If your order will ship via freight pallet then you must call us or e-mail us for a freight quote BEFORE completing a purchase online: 866-766-6362. We will calculate the shipping.

If you are e-mailing us for a freight quote, include your Name and Shipping ZIP CODE, the NAME / TITLE of the product you are inquiring about AND any other products that you want us to add to the freight pallet. We will get back to you quickly with pricing and instructions.

NOTE: All Canadian locations must call 800-755-8660 ext#202 for freight quotes.


If you are buying multiple items that ship via freight pallet OR you are adding FEDEX-able items to freight pallet items we can usually help you save on shipping costs.

Call us to discuss your order and we can help you save your hard-earned money through consolidated shipping techniques. 866-766-6362

NOTE: Shipping to AK and HI is not permitted at this time.

Do I have to pay for shipping?

Yes. The Room Doctor Furniture Company proudly offers the most competitive rates possible, because you shouldn't have to break the bank for great furnishings.

Be aware that other furniture providers often offer “FREE” shipping as a benefit, but those costs are always built right back into the retail cost of the product. We avoid offering FREE shipping whenever possible, because if it’s not done right it forces many customers to pay more than they should for shipping, while others get discounted when they shouldn't — even though the shipping cost is promoted as FREE.

NOBODY can ship for free. Who pays for transportation? Labor? Makes sense, doesn't it?

With the Room Doctor, you can always count on getting a fair deal on shipping to go along with our extremely low retail prices.

How much is Shipping? / How do I calculate Shipping?

Determining shipping costs is easy and there are two ways to do it. First, for all individual items in the Online Store that are FEDEX-able, you may calculate shipping yourself using that product's Shipping Calculator Button. Just type in your U.S. Zip Code and hit “Calculate”. The shipping charge you see here is the same shipping charge that will be charged to your order upon checkout. Be sure to check the shipping costs for EVERY item you intend to add to your shopping cart and keep a running tab, as you will not see a total shipping figure calculated until you reach the shopping cart screen where you choose payment type. If you are buying an item that is not FEDEX-able (usually large items like bunks and lofts), the shipping cost will be fixed — and plainly shown — and there is NO Shipping Calculator Button.

NOTE: Canadian locations must call for shipping quotes on FEDEX-able Items for the time being, since we are still setting up the International Shipping Calculator: 866-766-6362 or 800-755-8660 ext#202

If you want to save money, please read on…

IMPORTANT NOTES FOR MULTI-ITEM PURCHASES: If you are purchasing multiple items and you know the combined weight of your items will exceed 150 lbs, call us direct for assistance before you pay. Shipping discounts may apply, regardless of the items you are purchasing. Also, know that when you mix FEDEX-able items with FREIGHT PALLET items that have fixed shipping costs, HUGE DISCOUNTS may apply. So call us and let us help you keep your hard-earned money: 866-766-6362.

Now if you prefer, you may call us at any time for quick & easy shipping quotes on the furniture products you wish to purchase. Call during our normal business hours (10:30AM - 5:30PM EST): 866-766-6362. You can also e-mail us with your shipping quote request at Please be specific, and include your name and the name of the product(s) you want quoted, as well as a Zip Code for the shipping destination.

NOTE: Shipping to AK and HI is not permitted at this time.

How long will it take to receive the Items I order?

Shipping lead times:

We are running behind as this is a busy time of year and we generally make most of our products to order. We are a much smaller company now (see Store Location story), but the good news is our quality is better than ever. Current drop-ship orders generally ship from our warehouse in 3-5 weeks, but sometimes we can expedite. Some items are quite large and require shipment via common freight carrier. Shipping lead times for freight shipments vary. When you call in for more information or to place your order we can walk you through the options for shipment.

Shipping In-transit time:

In-transit time begins the moment a product leaves the Room Doctor Furniture Company's warehouse and ends when the product arrives at its final destination. In-transit time for drop ship (FedEx or USPS) orders ranges from 1 to 5 business days depending on how far you are from Pennsylvania and about the same for freight/truck shipments. Both depending on how far away you live: 1-2 days regionally, 3-4 days deep south and mid-west and 4-5 days to Western US.

If I order more than one item, will they all arrive at the same time?

Not necessarily, but most of the time. We ship a select number of products from different locations throughout the U.S. If you have questions or concerns about this or any of our other policies just send is an e-mail or call us toll-free at 866-766-6362. We're ready to answer your questions!

What happens if my product is damaged during shipment?

We package our products with care so that they will arrive at their final destination in almost every circumstance free of damage. Shipping damage may occur from time to time, though it is rare. If your order arrives damaged via common carrier freight delivery, accept the order from the freight carrier and indicate on the paperwork that there was damage upon arrival. Then you should contact us immediately at or call us at 800-755-8660 ext#203. We will help you resolve the issue quickly.

To what locations does Room Doctor ship?

Room Doctor regularly ships to the lower 48 States in the Continental U.S., as well as most Canadian destinations. We cannot ship to Alaska and Hawaii at this time. We can ship via Freight to Canada right now, but FEDEX/UPS shipments to Canada will be available very shortly.

Shipping to sole P.O. Box addresses and military A.P.O. addresses — We cannot ship to sole P.O. Box addresses or Military/A.P.O. addresses due to UPS and FEDEX limitations. Your shipping address must be a regularly accessible street address for a home, office, apartment, etc. Call us immediately for assistance: 866-766-6362

Shipping to a street address that also contains a P.O. Box number — Some home addresses in the U.S. are located in rural areas where most addresses contain both a street address AND a P.O. Box number. We WILL ship to addresses containing BOTH as long as the combined P.O. Box and street address refers to a proper dwelling or office.

How will my item(s) be shipped?

Unless stated otherwise, everything is shipped via FEDEX. For multi-piece orders we have negotiated even lower rates, with the only difference being that these require a signature for delivery.

Some products cannot be shipped FEDEX and must be shipped via freight truck. We call these freight truck deliveries “pallet” shipments, as the products are bound and stretch-wrapped to a wooden pallet. Bulky shipments or larger orders with many items are generally cheaper to ship via truck.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For most multi-piece orders over $250, additional freight costs to add extra items are very low, so THE MORE YOU BUY, THE MORE YOU SAVE! Call our shipping experts today for details: 866-766-6362

How can I save even more money on shipping?

Room Doctor’s goal is to ensure that the shipping costs you pay are as close to the actual cost of shipping as possible. In addition, we have negotiated with several shipping carriers to bring you special shipping rates to keep costs down. Low shipping costs for YOU are a top priority for US.

Even better, there are ways for you to save even more on shipping if you are placing a larger freight pallet order. THE MORE YOU BUY, THE MORE YOU SAVE; and with bulk furniture orders you can save a lot more. If we are freight shipping to you on a pallet then we can sometimes add to that pallet with little or no additional charges. Call our Customer Care Representatives today for shipping quotes and let’s see how much we can save you! 866-766-6362

How long will my items be “In-Transit” before they get to me?

In-Transit Time — Begins the moment a product leaves the Room Doctor Furniture Company’s facilities in Central PA, and ends when the product arrives at its final destination. In-transit time always depends on your location.

For FEDEX/UPS Orders — In-transit time is generally 1 to 5 Business Days (from the date your products ship) if you are in the U.S., and ranges between 3 to 7+ days if you are in Canada. Business Days do not include weekends or holidays. Some items may take longer if you live in remote regions of Canada. Please review the chart below to get an idea of how many business days your package(s) will be In-Transit.

For Freight Pallet Orders — In-transit time for all freight pallet orders shipping via truck ranges from 1 to 6 days in the U.S., and the same goes for Canada if you are near the U.S./Canada Border.

NOTE: If you are in Canada and do not live within 100 miles of the border, expect longer in-transit times. When you call in for a freight quote we can walk you through any shipping or timeframe concerns you may have.

How will FEDEX/UPS Drop Shipments be delivered?

This kind of shipment is delivered conveniently to your front door via FEDEX or UPS.

Most orders go out by default as “No Signature Required”. However, if your order is in excess of 150 lbs., a signature will be REQUIRED. It is at the delivery driver’s discretion whether the packages will be left at the door if no signature is required. Delivery drivers will take the safety of the packages into consideration, and the weather conditions, when deciding if it is appropriate to complete the delivery in your absence.

Delivery by Appointment may or may not be an option in your area. Call your local FEDEX depot to determine eligibility. You must call us before we ship to request this option, and a $15 charge will be added to your order for this convenience. The “Delivery by Appointment” option requires 2 phone numbers.

NOTE: If you have questions or concerns about either “No Signature Required” or “Signature Required” shipments, please call us before you place your order: 866-766-6362.

How do Freight Pallet Shipments work and what are the requirements?

All freight pallet shipments are curbside deliveries, and arrive via tractor-trailer or Straight Truck.

You are responsible for helping unload your items to the curbside, and fully responsible for getting your items onto your property from the curbside.

If you do not help the driver unload the truck, lift-gate service will be required at an additional charge. If the truck has no lift-gate, this may result in a re-delivery fee. So, address this at the time of your order by notifying us via e-mail or calling us: 866-766-6362. You must provide a phone number with your shipping/billing info when you order.

You must be present to accept delivery of your items. Shipping destination must be able to accommodate an 18-wheel tractor-trailer in some instances. The truck MUST be able to either turn around, or exit the area straight through after delivery. If you feel that this is not an option because of your location, call us ahead of time for assistance. We might be able to get a smaller truck (a Straight Truck) to you instead: 866-766-6362.

We recommend that you have someone standing by to assist you with getting items from the curbside and onto your property. ALL SHORTAGES AND DAMAGES, though rare in occurrence, must be documented on the Bill of Lading and reported immediately at time of delivery by calling 800-755-8660 ext# 203. Do not refuse the entire shipment. Call us before letting the driver leave so we can help you determine the best course of action.

Additional Information about Freight Pallet Orders

Alternate phone numbers are also helpful, as you may need to be contacted during normal business hours.

If your residence cannot be accessed by tractor-trailer, notify us immediately.

We cannot ensure day-specific delivery for freight pallet shipments, but we will try to coordinate with the freight companies to accommodate your schedule. If you have concerns about delivery times or timeframes please call us immediately: 866-766-6362.

After You Place Your Order

For FEDEX/UPS Orders — You will first receive an Order Confirmation via e-mail. Once your item ships, you will receive another e-mail with tracking numbers directly from the shipping carrier; either FEDEX or UPS.

For Freight Pallet Orders — You will receive an “Order Confirmation E-mail” from Room Doctor soon after you place your order, which you must respond to in order to finalize your order. After you receive your order confirmation via e-mail, we can still add to your order to take advantage of freight discounts. We may ship quickly, so please call us right away if you want to add to your order.

If your order has already shipped and you need to cancel it, you will have to pay the freight charges both ways.

If you have any questions about freight service do not hesitate to call us: 866-766-6362.

For All Canadian Customers

Room Doctor is now shipping Freight Pallets to Canada, and there are a few things you should know. Most of the information you need about Canadian Shipments is listed above along with all the regular shipping information for U.S. Customers. Everything that applies to U.S. shipments ALSO applies to Canadian shipments, except where we clearly state otherwise.

Canadian Sales Taxes and Brokerage Fees Explained: We will charge all necessary taxes and the brokerage fee (BF) of $50 per shipment at the time of sale, so you will never need to pay fees or duties upon delivery. Below you will find a chart that tells you the tax amount we must add to get a final price for you. There are only two entry points where shipments from Room Doctor will cross the U.S. Border into Canada: Buffalo / Ontario and Stanhope/Quebec. You will be charges the duties and taxes appropriate for the Province your shipment enters when crossing the border, and we have listed the rates below. There will be no need to collect other duties, fees, or province taxes of any type after that. This is because after the shipment crosses into Canada, there are no more border considerations.

IMPORTANT: Please call us for a shipment quote BEFORE you place your order online, as you are all in ZONE 2 and must call anyway: 800-755-8660 ext#202

Pick-up & Local Delivery

Can I pick up my order at the Room Doctor warehouse in State College?

Yes indeed! So whether you live locally, are driving through or care to make a road trip to Happy Valley (not a bad idea!), you can pick up your order to save a LOT on shipping.

Do you deliver locally and/or regionally?

Yes, we do deliver and not just to the State College/Central PA area but we can occasionally deliver to customers in eastern/southern PA, NJ and even NYC area. Please ask about local/regional delivery options and availability at the time you call in to order. 866-ROOM DOC (766-6362) or 814-231-1302.